Author: Isaak Wells

DOOM: 2016 Review

4.8/5 Welcome to Hell Doom (2016) is the answer to your retro arcade shooter needs. Combining old school Shooter with next gen graphics seamlessly Bethesda & ID’s Re-imagined Doom takes you back to an old school shooter while using the clean graphics and gameplay of today. The Young, The Old, and the Doomed Doom 2016 does not fall short of being amazing and does not hide what it is trying to be. A run and gun shoot em up style game packed with blood and gore. The 2016 Doom sticks closely to it’s roots and gives the player an...

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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst review

Back to the city of glass Now before I go on I would like to let everyone who reads this to know that I am a huge Mirror’s Edge fan and it has had a special place in my heart from the first time I ever played it. My review is based on my love of the first game and how it has transferred to the new game. With that out of the way lets begin Mirror’s Edge Catalyst puts you back into a re-imaged/younger Faith with a whole new cast world to explore. There are some pros and...

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